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As u probably have found out by now that most of my blogs posts r related to Islam. Given that since Israel was enforced illegally on the Palestinian lands, Islam had become terrorists religion. More severly after 9/11. A forteen hundred old religion whose followers had invented at least two dozen sciences, civilized the than world, established first university of Europe in Granada etc. suddenly allmost overnight became lowest of the low? How can 1.5 billion people become all of a sudden lowest of the low without any scientific intervention? Well there is a shocking answer for that.

Surprisingly it is not the muslims that r spelling themselves but the hypocrites, slys & liars.  those that r most eager to falsely blame the muslims after setting them up. There r incidents n evidences throughout my blog's post about this. probably history's biggest hate crime.

To expose this I had started sharing my own experiences in various blogs. First back in April 2015 I start…



Tweet from Sayda Zainab (@Saydazainab1)

Sayda Zainab (@Saydazainab1) tweeted at 9:29 PM on Mon, Jan 01, 2018:
We condemn the Chinese government in the strongest possible terms for its hatred and bigotry against the Uyghur Muslims.

Hi, I can't believe this is true! The world shud condemn the allmost repeat of the European middle ages witch hunt insanity. China shud take strict steps to ban religious discriminations n prejudices. Let them publicly spell out wot's their concerns against Muslims of China. Let the ummah gauge the verdict of the chineese n find out whether they r also soon going to wage an unjust war against Islam like the war on terror false allegation creators. Wot China is doing is not commiserating with the wisdoms n tolerance of an ancient civilization.