verizon ceo ajit pei is fcc head. proposing basically to go back in time. whose time? i never heard america had such regimented time..at least by laws & constitutional rites.

time for invention .. a new tech that is good enuf to cover all needs of todays i-netting, that will not allow the false alarms of djt & ap, thus won't require for such islam haters who r actually beating it around the bushes with their ulterior motives to stop the inet use by all muslims.

nevertheless, don't b tricked out by fear & frustration.. a positive engagement by muslim communities can ensure in future to hav softwares that will provide a truly free inet with the filtering options freedom to hav all harams removed to crreate a personalized cyber space for halal i-netting.

ps: foto banners from internet league & other orgs working with it

two addendums:

y they want to add a new dimension of lies about internet is not safe in muslim hands? the war against terror (by the terrorists), all u hav to do is follow my blogs.

having failed to enslave me & then kill me for straight 15 years with sorceries, they thot they can prove me a radical with extremism (like the christians) with giving back my internetting rites in apr 2015. of course with new r&d found jinn sorceries thru the internet. this time not just failed & humiliated but also exposed, they hav found their god followed by its  power - only deaf, dumbs & blinds say the monkey & its desciples hav any power. now they want to go back to the fools science world, but this time not me only but 1.5 billion muslims they think they can command upon.

wot a bunch of idiotic evils!!


also read the comments part (below the blog) of the following post:


link below, my website, please tab now.


as i was updating cover foto the last section to b updated during my regular site up-keeping, just like robbers they burged in shouting out their logics of incorporating the above wp post in that area. i had no plans doing that. once finished they left with the site tarnished​ & won't let me clean & update it properly for last 3 days, eventhou yday they headlined it as major deviation. odact of islam haters & game setters!!


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