Dire Straits: That Fagod Has Got His Own Jet Plane



Every Human On Earth Should Read This.

Trump is Playing with Fire! He has no knowledge how to contain this evil, but overconfident about iblis shytwan's preference of usa. Ever since I published the true terrorists lists of bankers responsible for 911, life is getting bitter, cruel, evil & full of deceits for me. 

Showing he had managed this Islamic site for me is nothing but another con act of a bad man. He is now pushing his luck to the max. Failing all enslavement murder attempts thru his nation & the brits, he had managed to move my entire family to Australia ordering max immobility on me & left behind with his filthy liar mother maid. Humiliated in his rendition plan thru australia the evil president had enuf of me. 

Now guess y he had been practicing disappearance of malaysian airlines? He got my entire family booked on return flight from sydney on 7/01/17 & also by using me letting the world know his powerfull evil kingship some crooked plan like 911 seems in the charts. thru which he is innocent, muslims r terrorists & more evil sorcerers than christian evils. who said most of the jinns r evils, dont they help usa? Everytime i eat foods cooked by the mo fos mother i cant take the weight of my body, become stalled & go to coma, very true!


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