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Pre planned evil torturer/ killer Donalds must do arm twisting audacity


The evil nation luffs when they c the signboard saying non Muslims to stay off b4 the kaba encompassing zone. Now u know evil jopping evil sorcerers n lying scoudrels y the old timers r called wise people even w/o yor goddamned sorcery n espionage hi techs n pissed on yor evil live corpses thru this fatwa/religious ruling. Unlike yor coward n disrespectful marine dead brains.
Y did yor disgusting sexualitys terrorist hindu lover bankers removed my tweet relating to above story, gw bush n 9/11? The evil threes donkey pothead leader john has threatened his friends so that I only hear n forget for 2months that he is willing n hav all preparations in place for another evil hindu liar witness relocation program thru a new 911.

Censorer Commi Cap

> Hey Donald,
> Do u mind explaining y u r threatening like a coward terrorist!
> A notification was awaiting when I went in wp to chk if destroy Munir rest hidden was sent out of not, lol wot a baster n foul mouth censorer commi cap.
>> 05/05/17 @10:45am Wot a lying sack full of American social medias helping an Islamic whistle blower on Hindus first then on bloody Christians. That's y I hav ……Donald @ 2am BST Sure go ahead please explain both the slides n y u after learning about Islam thru my 5 hours of a very painful 99.99% […]
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Yes. Very true. I heard that said
in different words n thots before.
It's not only me in Cape Town, sa
that feels the same but also a little
more faster than her. It makes
me feel like I m a cape dweller
from the Sura Kah'f or cave in
Quran #18 in the Star Trek era.
At a turtle brained nations
created wharp speed, where
time is defined by one hells
day is defined in a different way;
equivalent to earths relativity of
least 55k years but now it is
probably 113k years. Explain later
how I got the
Munir constant, the new
E=MC (my name abbreviated)
squared (^2, the square option
removed from my keyboard)
due to, of course, one of newtons
law of motions - every (Muslims
good) action has its equal n "opposite"
(bad) reaction. Confessor of
Jinn tech wants to keep the
decade to b felt like as it is now
ie., just a few months n then give
reasons to renew every evil here
at least for two more decades.
Hoping .... stopped after reading
wot I thot mig…