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CIA Family Toxicology

Munir Chowdhury · @MunirUNT
31st Jan 2016 from TwitPane

How to Deal with Toxic Family Members from Islamic and Counseling Sources [Part II] - IOU Blog Another sorcery killing trick by CIA is mashallah perfectly described here. Where name of the game is make all dependent on 1 n use this 1 2 create toxicity (under statement). Take it or leave, better enslave yorself 2 the evil kafirs. If not cob with blatant lies, irrational talks, hurting ego w/o any sort of considerations, giving similar maddog or sly helps 2 this 1 2 create n allege false lowlifeness etc. where stage gets set for a definite murder sceranio between the 2 feuding, unless almighty Allah with his endless rahmah stops the bloodshed. Reply ·  Report Post